Key for Hope

Interview with Alli Greenberg
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Tell us how KFH got started?

Key For Hope derived from my fathers humanitarian quest to end hunger, were I fell into a leadership role advocating for our initiative day to day.

Why do you think keys are special?

Keys have continuously impressed me along my quest with their combination of timeless beauty, and the function behind why we need this tool: to lock and unlock. 

Symbolically and spiritually and now tattooed, I have found every key can be special!. Along the way, glad to have met the lovely duo Jordan and Anthony from JoJo Rings to give me another reason.


How can our audiences get involved with KFH?

Three simple steps:

1. follow Key for Hope on social media: FacebookInstagramTwitter

2. donate keys- send them to our headquarters

3. become a site host and set up a drop of location for a personal key drive, company key drive, or school/university key drive


Why do you choose to give back?

First, I am thankful for my situational awareness of why we started Key For Hope. I have identified myself happiest, when I see others feel joy. My fight against the war on hunger has allowed to offer an effortless service. In return, I’ll choose to give joy everyday.

We are so grateful for our friends at Key For Hope. They give us access to hundreds of thousands of keys to make JoJo Rings possible! xo

Jordan Dudden