Now Trending: Individuality

Now Trending: Individuality

Ana Pierce is a lifestyle blogger at She Learns Things and a buyer for The Market, a boutique in Springfield, MO. You can see more from both on Instagram: @itsanaactually and @themarketspringfield.

Spring’s top trend: Individuality.

OK, and greenery, nude lips, 90s throwbacks and all that other good stuff.

I find it funny that the things we often dislike about ourselves, the ones that makes us “unique” as loving mothers and fathers remind us, truly become our best assets.

Personally, one of my quirks is I’m very sentimental. Like, tear-up-a-little-during-that-Apple-commercial sentimental. I could see this as a disadvantage, or be embarrassed by it and try to change it, but I’ve grown to appreciate this and see the good that comes from it. Memories and mementos are special to me — I have a coin purse of my grandma’s that I’ve used as my wallet since she passed away, and nearly all of my jewelry was hers or is a piece I’ve borrowed from my mom.

Recently, I was in Atlanta and met Jordan Dudden, the founder of JoJo Rings. As we started talking, she told me she created the first JoJo Ring from a key to her grandma’s house after her grandma had passed away. Once I got my eyes to stop tearing up (yeah maybe that quirk is a little embarrassing), I knew I had to make sure JoJo Rings had a place in The Market, a boutique I’m a buyer for in my hometown.

The keys are all made of the same types of material, but they’re all unique and every single one of them has a different story it could tell — if only keys could talk! Feels like a metaphor, doesn’t it? 

I snagged a JoJo Ring on the spot, and since then, I’ve worn it more days than not. It reminds me of one-of-a-kind quirks, and how leaning in to what makes us different can actually bring to light what makes us all human. 

OK, yeah, and they’re cute as all get out.

Jordan Dudden