More Than Jewelry

More Than Jewelry

Meg Powers

Coming home for spring break last year I was so happy to be back in my little hometown of Skaneateles.  I stopped by the Nest58 to see my friends working and was checking out the latest JoJo Rings in stock when I saw the newest addition to the collection...wraps. I didn’t think I could really pull off choker necklaces but when I tried on the JoJo Wrap I seriously was obsessed and haven’t looked back since.

Flash forward almost 6 months and it is my favorite accessory, along with my collection of JoJo Rings. I go to school at the University of Delaware and the compliments and questions I get about my rings and wraps are constant. It is surprising to me how many people actually take notice of them, especially guys. They are usually baffled when I explain to them that the rings and wraps are recycled material and that they used to be functioning keys. The amount of times I have heard, “is that the key to your heart?” is actually ridiculous.

But the thing is, it might be. The keys have meant more to me than just looking adorable and completing my outfits. Some of them I have had throughout college, and countless friends have borrowed them. They have been with me for so many good times and some bad times. I wore them to formals, to class, to travel, I even have worn them to interviews. I gifted them as presents and now all of my best friends have either a wrap or a ring. My favorite key ring is actually a key from my high school. That one is really special to me because I get to keep a part of my adolescence as I am looking forward towards the future and graduation.

JoJo Rings are so important to me. They remind me of my hometown and they also remind me of college. I think they mean so many different things to different people, and that is really what makes them so unique.

Jordan Dudden