Engaged with a JoJo Ring - The Story of Scott & Katie

Engaged with a JoJo Ring - The Story of Scott & Katie

A few weeks ago, we received a key in the mail for a custom ring. Once you read this note from Scott, you'll understand why we really fell in love with his story.


We are so lucky to be a part of a very special memory. Both Scott and Katie were both kind enough to share their side of the story...


Thank you so much for creating such a deeply meaningful engagement ring. The first time my then-girlfriend, now-fiancé, Katie, and I went on a getaway together, it was on a 60 mile bicycle ride from Petoskey, MI to Mackinac City, MI. We had stayed at a historic inn near Petoskey the night before the ride.
As we prepared to leave on our 60 mile trek, which would wind through the tunnel of trees and along the bluffs of Lake Michigan, Katie realized that she had misplaced the key to our room, the Hemingway Suite, and ended up paying the $5 replacement cost. We went on to finish a spectacular and challenging bicycle ride, and spent the following night on Mackinac Island, which was simply magical. Katie later found the key rolled up in an article of her clothing.
Rather than return the key by mail, I asked to keep it as a memento, as it was in that room, the Hemingway Suite, where we first spoke the words "I love you" to one another. The ring you made from this key is not only beautiful, but also the perfect symbol and reminder of that love.


Scott had planned a special day of fun outdoor activities for us, but informed me early in the day that he had a surprise planned for me later that evening. Being the type to normally demand details, I surrendered to whatever was planned for us, knowing I was with the one I loved.

We enjoyed the local pumpkin patch on a warm fall day with cider and a doughnut. Following this, we arrived to a secret location, a beautiful Victorian bed and breakfast, much like the Inn we stayed at the first time he said he loved me! 

We checked in and headed to the nearby State Park where we wandered through the disc golf course enjoying the fall colors as the sun began to lower in the sky. 

He asked me to accompany him down to the lakes waterfront and take in the beauty. Suddenly, he told me he had one more surprise for me. He told me to close my eyes while he held my hands, telling me the sweetest and most loving soul bearing sentences. I felt a jolt of electricity course through my body, taking my breath away, making my heart almost stop. Love and light surrounded us in a warm hug. He asked me to be his wife, his love for all time. He placed this breathtaking, unique, special, and symbolic ring on my finger and I said "YES!" With the most joyous tears streaming down my face. 

Jordan Dudden