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+ What are JoJo Rings?

JoJo Rings are handcrafted rings made from recycled keys.

+ What are JoJo Wraps?

JoJo Wraps are handcrafted wraps made from recycled keys and leather. They can be worn as necklaces and/or bracelets! You can find instructions on how to wear your wrap here.

+ Can I purchase a JoJo Ring online?

Yes! Rings can be purchased right in the "JoJo Rings" tab.

+ Do you make Custom Rings?

Yes! We receive custom orders all the time. First car? First house? Whatever the reason, we can turn your special key into a JoJo Ring. Please send the key to 1561 Folly Road #2401 Charleston SC 29412. Be sure to send us your size! Custom rings and wraps cost $50. You will be invoiced once the ring or wrap is complete.

+ Why the name JoJo Rings?

Our founder, Jordan Dudden Richichi, has been babysitting since she was a teenager. Early on, one of her little friends began to call her “JoJo,” and the name stuck.

+ Why keys?

A key is always suggestive of the greater thing it unlocks: a locket, a locker, the freedom of a new car, a house one has worked a lifetime to buy. A key is small, but it is charged with possibility and made to fulfill a purpose much larger than its size.

JoJo Ring lovers have told us that they apply their own symbolic significance to the keys. We have heard of gifted JoJo Rings representing the key to the giver’s heart, key to a loved one's recovery, the key to their own success, and much more. Some have said they wear the ring as a symbol of security, love, and even hope. Just as every JoJo Ring is unique, so is the sentiment behind each ring.

“Why keys?” Well, that’s up to you. What will your JoJo Ring mean?

+ How does JoJo Rings give back to the community?

We want to share our success and make JoJo Rings a force for good in the community. For each ring sold, we make a contribution to a local nonprofit. Please find more on our philanthropy page.

+ Where do the keys come from?

We work with two organizations to source keys: ‘Key for Hope’ and ‘Keys for Kids’. These organizations collect spare keys, recycle the brass for scrap value, and then donate the money to different nonprofits. Now that we’ve established a relationship with them, we purchase all of their findings for at a premium price. They give back. We give back. It’s a very healthy relationship for us both. Our last order was 100,000 keys. That’s close to 2,400 pounds!

+ Where does the leather come from?

Our leather is handpicked from recycled leftovers at the Aurora Shoe Company. Check them out!

+ Where are JoJo Rings made?

JoJo Rings are handcrafted in Charleston, SC. Take a peek at our production process by following us on Instagram.

+ What stores carry JoJo Rings?

We are so excited to be expanding our retail availability! For full addresses, please refer to our stockists page.

+ Where do I find wholesale information?

YAY! Thank you for your interest in selling our products. Please press here for more information!

+ What size do I wear?

Since each JoJo Ring is crafted especially for you, we can make our rings in any size. For single rings, pick your favorite finger-- JoJo Rings look good on all of them! If you need help figuring out your ring size go here.

+ What materials are keys made of?

Our rings are made from brass, steel, and nickel. If you are allergic to any of these materials, please let us know.

+ How do I clean my ring?

We do not recommend getting your ring wet unless you're cleaning it. Use simple soap and water or purchase a cleaning cloth here.