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How it Works:

If interested, please fill out the form below.
Once accepted, we will send you a gift bag and unique promo code.
You will work alongside our Founder and other Brand Ambassadors to grow the brand and extend our core values.
You get paid every time someone uses your promo code.
We make the world a better, more positive place together.


Share on social to spread the word
Share code with family & friends
Represent brand in professional & positive light
Strongly encourage giving back
Share feedback & tips through our slack channel


What you get:

Earn free product and CASH BONUSES at each level
Gain marketing experience
Network with other reps across the country
LinkedIn Job Description for your work as a “Brand Ambassador for JoJo Rings”
Special product perks if you refer another Brand Ambassador to the program



Must be passionate about our core values: sustainability, social good, and individuality
Must be active on Instagram & Facebook
Must be over 18 to apply

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